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EndNote Citation Software

Add References to EndNote from a Reference List

Need to enter a list of citations from a reference list? Use the steps below to create a file that you can use to import references directly into EndNote.

Caveat: This will assume that all references are journal articles. For references citing other sources, such as websites, you will need to enter the items or make changes manually.

Steps for Using Citation Finder

1. Open up the Citation Finder tool above.

2. Make sure that each reference in your reference list is on its own line.

3. Copy your reference list from the document and paste it into the Enter citations box

4. Select the RIS (EndNote, etc) citation format

5. Click on Search for matches

6. Check that the tool has identified the correct citation for each. The highlighted option is the one that the Citation Finder thinks matches. Select another option or deselect the option entirely if it cannot find the correct match.

7. Download the results. The file will be named citations.ris

8. Import the downloaded RIS file in to EndNote

9. Review and make corrections to the entries. Pay special attention to non-article entries such as books, reports, and websites!