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Systems Questions & Answers

Answers and Links to Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. My laptop can't pick up the Ricoh printers in the admin office or back office...

If you left your laptop on when transporting it from home to work, it might have trouble seeing it. Restart your laptop, and make sure you’re connected to the Internet. You can also try power cycling the printer.

2. I want to recover an Office file I didn't save...

Open Word, click the Open tab, then click the “Recover Unused Documents” button near the bottom right of the Window.

3. I want to recover a Box file I accidentally overrode/updated.

You can go through the file's version history on Box. You may have an easier time accessing this on the web version. You can click on the version number, or click on the ... button by the file and select "Version History".

4. My desktop icons are stacked on top of each other, and I can’t change them.

Go into the Registry Editor (regedit.exe), go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>CONTROLPANEL>DESKTOP>WINDOWMETRICS, and set the Value Data of IconSpacing and IconVertical Spacing to -1125, then restart.

5. I can't use Adobe Acrobat or Creative Cloud.

You must sign into Adobe Creative Cloud use it. Click Sign In and log in with your NetID. You may also need to make a Special Request to USF IT for access to Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

6. I can't edit any files with Microsoft Office.

You must sign into Office 365 to use it. Click Sign In, and log in with your NetID.

7. I'm getting strange notifications on my desktop from Google Chrome...

A bad site has installed notifications on Chrome. Open Google Chrome's settings, go to Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Notifications, and remove any unapproved sites from the Allowed to send Notifications list.

8. Can I adjust the volume on the displays in the collaboraton rooms upstairs?

There is no volume control in the reserved rooms. They have to select the correct audio device on their laptop and turn the volume up/down. The audio device they need to use is named Dante.

9. I have an unexplained hold on my USF ID card preventing me from adding funds.

It may be because of a hold from Dining Services due to a meal plan issue (even if the student does not have a meal plan).Contact: Cristina Visser, Meal Plan Office Manager at or 813-974-2941.

For other holds, contact Student Services (SVC-1039)

Helpdesk - 813-974-6056

Rodriguez, Nancy - Commercial Payments - 813-974-9364

Wood, Wanda - Cashier - 813-974-9493

Sanchez Nunez, Brenda - Cashier - 813-974-7933

Araujo, Carlos - Business Mail - 813-974-3630

Reilly, Susan - Manager - 813-974-8050

10. I need to know USF's official colors.

Information on USF"s colors and fonts can be found at USF's Brand Management site, at