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Shimberg Health Sciences Library & Florida Blue Health Knowledge Exchange

Group Study Room Agreement: Group Study Room Agreement

Group Study Room Agreement

The Shimberg Health Sciences Library provides group study rooms for use by USF Health students for the purpose of study and other USF Health course-related meetings.* Please remember that these rooms are offered as a special service to you. In turn, we ask that you observe the following guidelines:

Study rooms are for GROUP USE (2 or more).

Rooms may be reserved in advance for groups of two or more. Advance reservations for more than three separate dates require special approval from the Access Services Supervisor. You may make reservations only under your own name.

Group study rooms may be reserved for periods of up to 3 hours per day per group. After 3 hours, a group may continue to use the room until another group needs the room. Please leave a mobile phone number on this form so we may contact you when another group needs the room.

If you make an advance reservation, please arrive on time. Reservations are held for 15 minutes past the reservation time, at which time the room will be made available to other groups.

A member of the group must take primary responsibility by signing this agreement and leaving a valid photo ID at the library services desk in exchange for the room key. This individual must remain in the room with the group for the full duration. The ID will be returned ONLY to the person to whom it belongs.

Two group members must be present at the library services desk when the key is checked out.

After 6pm, all group members must have their USF IDs in order to swipe into the Shimberg Library.

To preserve laptop connections, please do not move tables within the room.

Do not remove furniture or equipment from the room. Do not remove the room key from the library (if you must briefly leave the library, please leave the key in the care of staff at the library services desk).

Please alert library staff if the room is not clean and neat when you first enter it – otherwise, you will be held responsible for its condition upon returning the key.

Please leave the room clean and neat for the next group, with furniture arranged as you found it, lights turned off, and door locked.

Please comply with reasonable requests from library staff.

All group study rooms must be vacated prior to closing time.

*Exceptions may be made for test proctoring, tutoring, or Shimberg Library business; request exceptions from Mohamed Elmenayer 813-974-4544 USF Health staff and faculty can find available rooms using 25Live