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Changes to NCBI account login

The National Library of Medicine changed how people log into National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) accounts. If you use an NCBI account to track PubMed searches, SciENcv, or MyNCBI, you will need to begin using federated account credentials authenticated by a third party to login. This will increase the security of your NCBI interactions. Third-party logins that can be used include,  USF's NetID, eRA Commons, NIH, ORCID, or your Google, Microsoft, or Facebook account.

Just your login changed. Your NCBI account remained the same with the same content. The only thing that changed is the way that you sign into it.

If you already had an NCBI account username and password, these will work for a time. However, you will be asked to retire your old NCBI account password and log in using one of the 3rd party authentication tools.

Use a Third-Party to Login to Your myNCBI account

  1. Sign into your NCBI account with your existing username and password
  2. Click on the username in the top right of the page
  3. Click Change in the “linked account” portlet
  4. Find the third-party account(s) you want to apply using the search bar
  5. Sign in using your username and password for that account

Use your USF NetID to Log in to your myNCBI Account

  1. To use your USF login information, select more login options from the login page
  2. Search for Florida
  3. Select the University of South Florida from the list of options
  4. Login as normal using your and password

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